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C.I.C Ben Nevis Meet

Updated: May 27

The regular late season ice trip to the Ben was a bit scuppered by the weather this year. Ethan, Rich, Josh and Jamie slogged in on an iffy forecast that sadly got iffier.

Rich and Josh managed to tick off Tower Scoop, on Rich’s birthday no less! Jamie and Ethan got under the Cascade but backed off due to rapidly warming temps and the threat of cornice collapse.

Bugging out from The Cascade, visible in the mist

Happy 27th Birthday Rich!

The weather was set to stay poor so we all retreated to the sunny valley. Jamie headed straight back to join his family holiday early, while the rest of the team took a wander up to Inverie on Knoydart to the UK’s most remote pub. Nice.

Knoydart trip anyone?

With Scottish winter climbing and mountaineering you use the forecasts and beta as best you can, but its always best to go and ‘have a wee look’ even if you back off and go to the pub.

There’ll be four beds in the CIC at a slightly earlier time next year.

Our full photos can be seen at this link

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