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What’s the club doing during Covid restrictions? November Update.

What’s the club doing during Covid restrictions?

As much as we can! We are obviously limited by the whatever local and national restrictions apply but throughout the summer of 2020, club members were organising climbing partners through the forum and posting about trips they were planning. The current restrictions mean that we can’t organise whole-club meets but trips for up to six people have been possible. Prior to the current (Nov 2020) lockdown, the main restriction was on overnight accommodation – particularly huts – however, there are plenty of options that are still just an easy day-trip from the Bristol area.

Our weekly indoor climbing meets had just restarted in October before the climbing walls had to close again but we’ll look to restart these (again) as soon as the walls are back open. We’re also looking to be a bit more creative with activities over winter so keep checking the club calendar to see what’s planned.

There were also a series of outdoor talks by club members over Zoom on topics as varied as climbing the Eiger and local rescues in Avon Gorge

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