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New Members Evening

There will be an indoor climbing evening on Thursday 3rd March 7pm at Redpoint climbing wall.

This evening is for anyone who has just joined or may be a little rusty and wants to meet the club and see how we work.

We’ll do an icebreaker activity at the start and allow plenty of time to chat, meet and climb with lots of different people. The idea is also to learn how the club works, answer any burning questions you may have and get info on the trips we are running this year.

The committee and some of our experienced club members will be on hand if anyone needs a refresher.

If you’d like to come along, or are thinking of joining and want more info then please email

If you are interested in a similar meet for walking rather than climbing then you may prefer our Brecon beacons trip on Sunday 27th Feb run by Peter. This is also an opportunity to meet people and see how the club works. For full details drop me an email as well or for members with access, check out Peters post on the forum.

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