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Meet your wonderful committee!

Meet the people who are working hard to make changes, keep the good bits and make sure everyone has a good time doing the things they love most……

Hi I am Helen and lucky enough to be current Chair of AMC. I started climbing in my 20’s at university when we all climbed trad and wore Ron Hills. After 15 long wilderness years away from climbing (when I took up long distance fell running and raced downhill mountain bikes) I have returned! My favourite things are sport climbing in the sunshine and big days out on mountain routes. Walking my 2 dogs Flo and Suzi makes me happy and I am looking forward to all that 2022 will bring with the AMC. My goal is to lead Left Wall. 🙂

I’m Lauren, Membership Secretary. I’ve been involved with the club on and off since 2014 including 2 years as Secretary. I was first introduced to climbing in 2008 at an indoor wall for something to do, then became instantly hooked. I was then lucky enough to meet friends at work that were into trad. Now a days my favourite thing is a long easy multi pitch mountain route or a nice sunny sea cliff. Ive done a few winter Scotland trips and hope to get up there again as soon as the conditions are right.

I’m Mike, Web member. I’ve been climbing about 17 years and joined the club when I moved to Bristol in 2016. I’m mostly into trad and mountaineering. As well as climbing, I also do a lot of trail ultras and sky running. I’m always keen to climb in some more remote locations and love to get into the higher mountains when I get the chance.

I’m Geoff

I’ve been climbing around 8 years and love every discipline, just get me outdoors and climbing and I’ll be happy. New to Bristol and the club so hope to climb with as many of you as possible over the coming years I have dreams of multi day alpine routes next summer.

I’m Jamie Evans, I’m the club trips secretary. I’ve been in the club over a year now. I live in Central Bristol, I’ve been a climber for 20+ years and enjoy trad, sport, Scottish winter and mountaineering. Looking forward to a busy year in 2022 packed with lots of trips!

I’m Peter Collins the treasurer. I have been walking, climbing and skiing in the mountains for 40+ years but still think (and sometimes behave) like I am 21. Hoping for another 40 years!

And I am Matt Langley, equipment custodian and librarian. I fell into climbing (pun intended) at a wedding in Chamonix. 6 years later I am still hooked. ‘Pebble wrestler’ – colloquially, boulderer – at heart but with the club I took my first steps into alpinism this year. Looking forward to Part Deux in 2022

I’m Mike. I’ve been climbing 12 years after first discovering it via my uni club. I joined the AMC in 2021 to meet new climbers after relocating to Bristol and somehow I’ve ended up on the committee. I’m a jack-of-all trades climber and picking my favourite discipline is like picking a favourite child. I’m equally at home pulling hard and sunbathing in Kalymnos or shivering and suffering up a wet gully in Scotland.

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