Why Join

As a club member you gain access to our regular climbing, mountaineering and walking meets (see our meet reports on the homepage for recent examples).

We run local evening meets during the summer around the Avon area.  Year round day trips and weekends in the UK and longer meets around the world.

Accommodation is most often in a pre-booked hut or campsite and transport is by lift share.  Attendees often meet and chat in advance to introduce anyone coming along by themselves and make sure no one is left out.

No instruction is offered, however as in most UK clubs there are often people willing to team up those less experienced (Also please see joining requirements on the Join page).

Members are invited to meet in a pub once per month and there is a Christmas party each December. The annual general meeting takes place each November. As a member you gain access to the club forum where ad hoc activities and social events can be organised by the members.

Joining the club includes membership of the British Mountaineering Council which includes third party liability insurance and access to all member benefits, follow this link for full details  Membership | The BMC

If you are a BMC member already then the difference can be refunded by the BMC by filling out a form, this is the same if you are a member of any other BMC clubs.